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Our 'BYRON BAY' Course will take you through all the most relevant information about Tiny Houses on Wheels during one action-packed morning!

Planning for perfection:

Plan in the correct way to save you time, money, and frustration. Follow our 10 easy tips for styling small spaces successfully the first time. What are the 4 major mistakes to avoid? 

Where may I park my Tiny House on Wheels?

Understand the legal issues, Council requirements, rules & regulations regarding Tiny Houses on Wheels. Skye has moved her Tiny House about 10 times and has first hand knowledge about how and where to park a T.H.O.W.

Tiny House Foundation (trailer):

Will you buy a new or second hand trailer? What to look out for, how to go about it, and what information do you need about your Tiny House foundation? Understand the meaning of ATM, Compliance Plate, VSB1 and Trailer Registration.

Practical: Skye will demonstrate how to start your build by connecting the floor, sub-floor and insulation correctly and safely to a trailer.

 How to build a Tiny House on Wheels:

Understand everything about building a tiny house on wheels; safety, tools, steps, process & terminology. Important tips on building your T.H.O.W. strong, but light-weight.

Practical: Inspect our Tiny House on Wheels.  

COST: $110.00

PRESENTER: Skye Theron: designed, built and live "TINY".

ADDRESS: To be confirmed .

DATE: Saturday, 31 July 2021.

TIME: 8am to 1pm.

ADDITIONAL: Please bring your own snacks & wear comfortable clothing.

WE SUPPLY: Coffee, tea and bottled water.